Jack LaLannne’s Power Juicer is definitely not your typical blender. I absolutely love mine and don’t know what I would do without it! I love to make smoothies and use a blender for other things but first you have to chop up your fruits and vegetables or whatever you are mixing. Even then you have to shake it, maybe even take the lid off and stir it up to get all of the stuff from the top down to the bottom. Well not with this blender! You can drop whole fruits, and vegetables in there. Yes! I did say whole! And with no shaking, rocking, or stirring it will blend then right up. I had seen it advertised and knew that is what it was suppose to do but I did not believe it until I bought mine and actually used it! It has a pulp container that will catch all of the pulp and even skin, like apple skin and leave you with just the juice. If you love fresh squeezed orange juice like I do then you will love this juicer.

You just throw your oranges in there whole and you get lots of juice. You get way more than if you tried to squeeze it out by hand and it has to be a hundred times faster! It is very easy to use. It is not complicated at all. And it does everything that it is suppose to do. It also runs very quietly for something so powerful. All of the accessories are dishwasher safe so clean up is no problem, which had been a concern of mine originally. I am getting all of this great, healthy, juice with no stuff added. If you buy it there is usually always additives. I have also found that it is cheaper most of the time to buy my own fruit and make my own juice than buy it from the store in containers. So to me this is just better all the way around.

This is by far the best juicer I have ever owned. I am so glad that I bought it. For anyone looking to buy a juicer you definitely cannot go wrong with this one. It will make a big difference in your life. It has made a big difference in my familys health also. I also forgot that it comes with a recipe book. It has lots of delicious ideas and recipes for healthy nutritious stuff. It helps you keep a variety of ideas for juicing so you don’t get bored having the same old stuff.

When it comes to price, yes, this juicer is a bit higher than most, but when you consider the quality, all of the cool features and all of the use that me and my family have gotten out of it I would say that it has paid for itself many times over. This product lives up to every claim they make on their commercials. I give it an A+ in every area. We are loving it!